Natalie Napier

Lead Coach

Natalie Napier is Lead Trainer. She holds a BA in International Development, an MA in (Canadian) History, and abandoned an all-but-thesis MA in Philosophy of Education. She has worked in community economic development for over ten years, where she has helped found social enterprises and cooperatives. Natalie finds the  human kind of  problems the most irresistible (but will quickly walk away from a computer on the blink.) The ways that communities produce different opportunities, experiences, and connections is, in her opinion, just gripping. She lives in Peterborough, Ontario and is mother hen to a flock of backyard chickens.

Fun facts: In grade two, Natalie dragged her brother down to last place on a televised, sibling-based game show called Kidstreet. She still loves (to lose) at Trivial Pursuit.

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