Maya Lebrun

Youth Co-Researcher

Maya is passionate about youth participation in every aspect of society. She advocates for children’s right to be heard in legal proceedings and have legal representation. Maya serves as a Youth Co-Researcher and loves every minute of it. She is a feminist and an ally in ending systemic racism, human trafficking and bettering the foster care system. She has been privileged to speak at many conferences including those hosted by Continuing Legal Education, Access to justice and helped represent Greater Vancouver in UNICEF’s Child Safe Cities Summit. She is an active member of the Youth Voices Leadership Group, the Youth Advisory Committee for the Society of Children and Youth of BC and the Children and Youth Resilience & Family Justice Organizing Group. Maya is currently completing her last year of high-school and is excited to move forward in achieving her Honours Bachelor in Applied Arts in Social Justice and Legal Studies. Outside of activism she enjoys volunteering at camps, running fundraisers, playing guitar and hiking.

Fun facts: She is a collector of eccentric socks and can’t keep a plant alive.

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