We coach frontline workers, managers, and end users to prototype new practices, services, and policies.

Know where the ground is primed for change? Found a good social challenge to take on? Committed to moving from ideas to implementation?

Making and Testing is where ready member organizations create crews and go on missions. A crew is a cross-hierarchical team. A mission is a social challenge to address. Out of a mission comes new practices, services, policies, and backend systems. Some interventions might be radical; others more incremental.

Organizations go on different types of missions:

Making & Testing involves:

  • Problem framing & mission identification
  • Curating cross-hierarchical teams
  • Setting-up creative work spaces
  • Coaching teams in design & social science methods
  • Modeling ethnographic fieldwork & prototyping
  • Debriefing, reflection, and leadership practices
  • Brokering teams to designers & content specialists
  • Connecting teams to eco-system influencers
  • Grieving old ways of doing things

Who is it for?

Making & Testing is for social service agencies ready to re-invent and implement new practices. This involves an internal team of at least 4 plus director and board support

Making and Testing is designed to:

― Build a sense of competence & control amongst staff
― Help teams re-define their roles & identities
― Engage users and community in the change process
― Create tangible new practices, service models, and systems
― Bring about measurable shifts in outcomes