Take an honest look at the cultural conditions for Grounded Change:

Aware of different methods for engaging people and approaching social challenges? Have reference points for alternative ways of working? Want to enact those different methods and alternative ways?

During the Get Ready phase, we work with member organizations who are open to looking at their values and practices from a fresh perspective. We work alongside staff teams to examine the cultural conditions for Grounded Change: for listening to users, generating ideas, suspending judgement, failing, and learning. It’s not about if you’re ready, it’s about where in your organization you’re ready, and for what kinds of change.

This is the stage of work we’ve often missed. In our excitement to get going, we’ve overlooked preparing the ground for disrupting old patterns and power dynamics.


Getting Ready involves:

  • Crafting an organizational narrative about experimenting
  • Setting-up an embedded research team
  • Collecting observational and interview data
  • Visualizing data into dashboards
  • Facilitating reflective playback sessions
  • Offering ideas, strategies, and resources to increase readiness


Who is it for?

Get Ready is for self-critical social services & community organizations committed to culture shifts. This means involving boards, directors, managers, frontline workers, end users, and influencers.

Get Ready is designed to:

― facilitate open dialogue & inquiry
― surface honest stories from the frontline
― map current values and practices across the organization
― identify tensions and rubs with experimentation
— find where there’s urgency and energy to act