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Grounded Data

Prototyping real time visualization of aggregated data from ethnographies

You’re looking at a prototype to test data visualization of aggregated data from our ethnographies. The diagrams and maps you see above are (more or less) automatically produced from data collected through this Google form, using this Google spreadsheet and this Google Fusion table.

This is to give a flavour of where we can get to with Grounded Data!

Service use



aspired roles




> people

> services

> places

> other tags

I’ve tried to test several kinds of visualizations to explore possibilities for different kinds of data — and what we can already get out of the existing, free Google suite. Some graphs still required manual work to reshape the format of the data — eventually we can likely eliminate most of that.


This is a first ‘implementation’ prototype for Grounded Data, using the data from the Edmonton ethnographies. With Grounded Data we’re hoping to make progress on several areas:

  1. get more out of the thick data we collect with ethnographies
  2. create ways into the (more dense) individual stories
  3. make ethnographic data useful for different groups of people
  4. formalise the process of data collection and synthesis, so a larger group of people can do it
  5. collect data that’s comparable between sets