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Tech Fellows

Community connections, at your fingertips.

A cohort of tech-savvy youth who provide personalized, in-home coaching for newcomers on how to use free phone apps for things like translation, navigation, and doing business. Missions help amp up the adventure, and build new relationships and enhanced communication.

Core Features

People coming to visit people at their houses


Starts in context

Coaches come to newcomer homes to set up tech as part of everyday use.

A journey with multiple options coming from a smart phone, Different location, transportation and conversation


Busts barriers
using tech

Uses translation, mapping, home assistance apps, etc. as means
for getting out and meeting people.



Busts barriers
using tech

Uses translation, mapping, home assistance apps, etc. as means
for getting out and meeting people.

How might this work?

How might this idea look?

Popup-scene Two people in front of a Tim Hortons. Their phone screen reads: "Adventure Options 1. Make a friend at Tim Hortons 2. Ask them about the neighbourhood for the...(message is cut off)

Who is this idea for?

Illustration Lady sitting on a chair

Meet Mande

Mande’s goal is to get out there—interact with people from other cultures, practice English in context. But she’s had some scary experiences getting lost and not being able to communicate. These experiences could have been mitigated if she had known about and had a chance to practice using useful apps for navigation and translation.

“I was so lost…I cried for help until somebody tried to point me in the right direction.”

Man wearing a hat on a red background

Meet Jud

Jud wants to help his family pay the bills, and factory work has been the only route for that so far. He’s looking for a chance for professional development to see what he’s interested in. Being part of the Tech Fellows cohort would bridge Jud with other motivated youth and give him a taste of sharing his knowledge with others – all while making money to support his family.

“I think, ‘What is my purpose here?’ I can’t answer that question for myself.”

Woman Wearing a head scarf on a red background

Meet Jasmin

Yasmin’s goal is to not allow language to stop her from living the life she wants. She recognizes the importance of building a network but has no bridge to trying out having conversations with people. Tech Fellows’ mission-based learning could provide Yasmin a chance to introduce herself to her neighbours in English, and empower her to use translation apps as a means to communicate with all sorts of people.

“I want to meet different types of people but my English isn’t good so I can’t communicate.”

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