Store For More

Settlement information when you need it where you need it.

Information & resources packaged by newcomers for newcomers about everything from “firsts” in Canada to common frustrations to humor for hard times. Distributed in the places newcomers are already in: grocery stores, bakeries, and hairdressers.

Core Features

Illustrations of conversation prompts: Money, relationships, Canada, Cards


Offers Various Conversation Starters

Information packaged according to where you are in the journey (e.g first birthday in Canada), feelings (e.g nostalgia; frustration), stressors (e.g sleeplessness); relationships (e.g talking to your kids)

Illustration of items for loan: Book, headphones, video, content boxes


Lends Hands-on Materials

Not just text-based information: Packages include stories from other newcomers, objects, coupons, and places to lend/swap materials.

Illustration: Person in their community playground


Placed Hyperlocally

Located in the places newcomers are already in: grocery stores, apartment complexes, bus stops with locals trained-up to provide guidance.

How might this work?

What might it look like?


Who is this idea for?

Illustrated Man - Wearing a scarf, on a blue background

Meet Jonas

Jonas feels powerless in Canada: he doesn’t want to be helped, he wants to be the one who provides help. He used to be a lawyer; here in Canada his wife is the one who found work. At Store for More, Jonas doesn’t feel like he is a client. He’s a shopper: alongside buying bread, he borrows a ‘law box’ with an intro to the Canadian legal system and resources for ’ getting involved.

“I’m a trained lawyer, and now I’m working at the meat counter… but I don’t know anything about meat.”

Illustrated woman with long hair - Carrying a tray - On a blue background

Meet Mary

Mary left the Phillipines to make a living in Saudi Arabia and then Toronto – and then spent eight years doing paperwork to bring her kids to Canada in between working long, late hours. She hasn’t had time to prepare for their arrival. At the bakery one morning, she sees the Store for More lending library, with a section on family reunions: there’s some cards to use with them over the phone and a family scavenger hunt to do once they arrive.

“I started working as a nanny, and also did factory work, selling door to door, selling makeup at the mall.”

Illustrated Man with a mustache- On a blue background

Meet Zuhair

Zuhair described himself as a popular and social butcher in Syria and Egypt, and although he has just as much personality here in Canada, he doesn’t have a network to entertain. Everyone goes to sleep by 9pm. Zuhair signs-up to be a Store for More guide, sharing resources on offer, and introducing opportunities like NightLife.

“Canada has baby bedtimes!”


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