Night Life

Small social events for you to host or attend.

Tools and free resources to host neighbourhood get-togethers and try out home businesses while practicing fit-for-purpose English. Newcomers go from isolated nights at home to leading local evening events.

Core Features

Illustration: An event template with people talking about it


Provides templates

Kits include easy-to-use templates to host cultural celebrations, house parties, family get togethers, micro-businesses, and interest-based meetups

Illustration: Two people chatting about their events


Offers Targeted English

Practice vocabulary curated specifically for the type of event

Illustration: the Cycle of people setting up event sharing the time and inviting people


Shared support

Add events to the neighbourhood calendar; access the lending bank
for supplies; use social media to
spread the word

How might this work?

What might this look like?

Popup scene of a Night Life Event. A big banner is overhead saying pickle palooza. As people are selling pickles in the front

Who is this idea for?

Illustration of a man wearing a jacket on an orange background

Meet Yafi

Yafi and Hawa grow foods and pickle them — yum! — and are looking for ways to feel productive and part of their neighbourhood. While Yafi often waves to his nextdoor neighbour, he’s not sure how to go deeper. Language, he feels, is too big a barrier. Through NightLife, Yafi experiments with selling his products, and learns relevant English words. He uses the templates to invite his neighbours, and moves one step closer to feeling more connected and useful.

“Since 2013 all I do is sit”.

Illustration of a woman wearing a headscarf on an orange background

Meet Safa

Safa was a hairdresser in Damascus, but when she found herself in a refugee camp in Jordan, she made use of the time by earning a certificate in sewing. She had hoped to sell her beautiful bags in Canada, but just doesn’t know where to start. NightLife gives Safa an opportunity to learn by doing: to dip her toes into the entrepreneurial landscape, broaden her network, and figure out what it might take to pursue a small business.

“I got a sewing certificate in Jordan but can’t find a way to use it here.”

Illustration of a man in a wheelchair on an orange background

Meet Esho

As the former Minister of Planning in Iraq, wheelchair-bound Esho has a lot to offer but nowhere to show it. He goes to the mall food court as a last resort, since he knows of no other places to go. NightLife gives Esho somewhere to go, the someones to meet, and the something to do. He gets a Whatsapp message with the latest neighbourhood events along with clear transit directions.

“Right now, I am just sitting at home. I still don’t know what Toronto looks like.”

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