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Hospitality Hosts

Roles for newcomers to share their culture and shape services

Multicultural training and design for businesses and organizations by teams of newcomers. Newcomers from across cultures help take spaces from sterile & clinical to comforting & inclusive.

Core Features

People discussing faith and having other conversations


Creates roles for newcomers

Learning, work experience and focused English language learning for newcomers

Cycle of different interactions people would have at a service


Features Inclusive Co-design

Methods and tools for bringing together newcomers across cultures to redesign spaces and interactions

Multicultural group of people


Defines Multiculturalism

Neutrality is not multiculturalism. So as not to offend, organizations often go for the lowest common denominator. Hospitality Hosts seeks the highest common denominator

How might this work?

What might this look like?

A group of hospitality helpers sits infront of a waiting room which they are trying to design to be more culturally welcoming

Who is this idea for?

Illustrated woman on a yellow background

Meet Ghida

Ghida takes pride in feeding her family, but she feels drained and frustrated that she can’t help her 14-year-old son with a cognitive disability get out of the house. She avoids going out too much since she can’t speak English. Hosting and welcoming people are her strengths. As a Hospitality Host, Ghida brings knowledge of her culture and disability to organizations unsure how to be truly inclusive.

“There’s nothing better than to teach others…watch how I cook this rice!”

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Meet Fadi

Fadi bristles at the idea that a man with his skills would be consigned to accept welfare rather than work to support his family. He’s struggling to practice his English enough to do the comprehension part of the test. As a Hospitality Host, Fadi joins a team of newcomers and learns how to express, in English, some of the important facets of his culture. He feels good: he’s not just on the receiving end of help, he is also teaching organizations his know-how.

“English phrases I learn don’t stick because I have nowhere to go where I hear them again.”

Illustrated man on a yellow background

Meet Mohammed

Mohammed waits and waits. He goes to dialysis 3 times a week in a grey building that feels drab. As a Hospitality Host site, the waiting room undergoes a transformation. Now, there is a healing corner with some Arabic videos and mind-body practices, and more importantly, greater understanding of important routines like Ramadan. After dialysis, Mohammed waits for transit. The driver was trained by Hospitality Hosts and now has more understanding for Mohammed.

“After dialysis, I’m stuck on the HandyDART for an hour while they drop people off.”

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