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Emotions Library

Search for feelings

Emotions Library is an online platform for newcomers to find, make and share feelings of their Canadian journey; the ups, downs, and everything in-between.

Core Features

Worried Alone Excited? drawings of magnifying glass


Visually searchable

Search by words and images from across cultures

Microphone to people listening, Creating Video to people watching


Made for and
by newcomers

Easily create and upload content

Phones creating connection and viewing content


Facilitates sharing

Forward or download prompts to spark conversations with friends and family

How might this work?

What might this look like?

Scene on the subway, Two women are featured forwards. One woman wearing a headscarf is an illustration, She is reading a book and listening to content suggested by the emotions library

Who is this idea for?

Illustration of man wearing hoodie

Meet Eros

After months of isolation and loneliness in Canada Eros found connection in the wrong place, with the wrong crowd, leading to drug use and disillusionment. Eventually he pulled together resources from the internet, curating his own drug cessation guide. With Emotions Library, Eros can create and share his playlist of resources with other youth.

“I was in a dark place, then I looked up on the internet how to fix yourself, how to be a better person.”

Illustration of young man wearing t-shirt

Meet Mario

Mario imagined a beautiful reunion with his wife and son in Canada, but was met at the airport with a divorce request. His status loss continued: he couldn’t find work, he was diagnosed with cancer, and he lost regular access to his son. Using Emotions Library, Mario downloads a deck of cards for talking to his son, and listens to other dads share their ways of reconnecting.

“I can’t believe this is my life right now.”

Illustration of young woman wearing a head-scarf

Meet Noor

19-year-old Noor physically resides in Canada, but mentally lives back home with the fiance she had to leave behind. Through Emotions Library, Noor sees stories of people like her, experiencing a dual life, and listens to their strategies for processing loneliness and guilt.

“She’s in bed all day, distraught over the separation with her fiance.”

-Father, Mohamed


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