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We are not big fans of webinars and workshops. We believe that deep learning starts with lived experience and layers on top theory and practical inspiration. That’s what our pop-up learning series embraces. We try to bring to life our favourite concepts with a mix of recent literature, case studies, provocative questions, and most importantly: your own practice.

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Our case studies come from 10+ years of trying to achieve deep social change in the lives of people, organizations, and systems. We’ve worked in over 10 countries with children and families, street involved adults, older people, young people, people living with disabilities, and everyone in between.

With our Open Learning, we hope to spark fresh thinking amongst frontline staff, managers, leaders at all levels, policymakers, designers, researchers and anyone serious about social change. Sign-up to receive updates or email us at with requests!

Open Learning Event on “Ethnography & Data” in Ottawa.

We offer Open Learning Events periodically in different cities across Canada. We’ve hosted Open Learning Events in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto. We’re looking at hosting more in other cities where there’s a strong interest for grounded methodology using generative ethnography, human-centred design, and data.

Do you think your city and organization have the appetite to learn more about it? Drop us a message: