Interactive workshop

Put on your thinking caps!

Try on the six different types of thinking underpinning experimentation and change.

InWithForward HQ
The shed, the south of the property, west of the Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church.
790 E 14th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Got a good thinking cap? Here’s your chance to come make not one, but six thinking caps! In this two-hour workshop, you’ll see there’s …

  1. critical thinking
  2. generative thinking
  3. lateral thinking
  4. inductive & abductive thinking
  5. opportunistic thinking
  6. compassionate thinking

We’ll do interactive exercises to give your brain a real workout. Not to worry, we’ll feed your brain with frameworks and yummy snacks along the way. This learning session is for everyone, particularly frontline folks and managers!

Participants of a learning session getting into a different way of thinking