Open Learning Events in Ottawa and Toronto

Open Learning Events for you to try out Grounded Method!

What if the social sector could spend 3-5% of their budgets on developing new solutions, not just delivering variants of the same old services?

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Join us as we explore what Research & Development looks and feels like within the resource constrained world of social services and community organizations.

Over 4 days, we’ll host 6 pop-up learning sessions introducing some of the mindsets and methods of Social Research & Development. Sessions will last 2 hours. They are quick dives into topics like human interaction design, behaviour change theory, big and small data, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Register your interest today – and we’ll send along the full catalogue of events with days and times by September 1st. We’ll be in Ottawa for October 10, and Toronto from October 11-12.

Curious where all of this comes from? The learning catalogue is a part of Grounded Space: Canada’s first Research & Development collective. Frustrated with innovation pilots and projects, we’re building community capacity to listen, ask, make, and continuously test alternatives to the status quo.

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