Hear from the Executive Directors what social R&D looks like in their agencies

Grounded Space Leaders Mingle

We invite you to experience the journey of Grounded Space.

Meet four Executive Directors of our first four organizational members and hear their experience on how to build the capacity for social research & development in their agencies.

We will also have a look behind the curtain of social innovation and learn about the latest design & social science methods, and how they can inform staff practices in your agency.

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InWithForward HQ
The shed, the south of the property, west of the Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church.
790 E 14th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada

What's Grounded Space? And Why?

We’re a collective of community organizations, social service agencies, and InWithForward – an international team of designers, anthropologists and reflective practitioners. After more than a decade building teams to solve social problems, we’re finding it’s not just about any one project or solution. It’s about building permanent capacity to make, test, and embed new practices.

Grounded Space is our answer to the capacity challenge. It is Canada’s first collective of social organizations pooling resources for continuous experimentation, or what we call Social Research & Development. Amazon, Google and most private sector superstars spend 3-30% of their annual budget on research, design, and development. It’s time the social sector has the same infrastructure to re-imagine what is and co-create what could be.

Come and meet members of the Grounded Space

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