Data & Ethnography [Ottawa]

You can’t get to new ideas without fresh, substantiated insights. Spend a day learning how ethnographic research methods lead to fresh insights.


Stories are data

Gain a feel for why companies like Google, Facebook, Disney, and Lego find ethnography so useful for creating new products and services. Walk away with concrete examples for how social services can use ethnography to better understand the habits, cultures, and behaviours of the people they work with. And, take the opportunity to understand how ethnography generates just one of many types of data that can be used to enable better decisions at the individual, community, service, and system level. In just one day, you’ll…

  • read & watch ethnographic stories
  • practice observing, listening, prompting
  • get a taste for moving from insights to ideas
  • gain an appreciation for what constitutes meaningful data
  • see how data can inform decisions at all levels

Made for: frontline workers, managers, policy folks, designers

Facilitated by: dr. Daniela Kraemer & Natalie Napier