Commissioned visual art pieces – Apply by April 30!

Artists for justice

What will it take to shift from charity to justice? What even is justice, according to whom?

In partnership with Vancouver Foundation, we’re exploring the concept of justice from different perspectives, and what it could look like for a philanthropic foundation to act according to an explicit and transparent theory of justice. We are jumping into this exploration through a podcast series and a game that will both feature original art!

Justice isn’t just one thing: there are many ideas about justice, many of them in tension with each other. On what basis should a foundation distribute its resources: based on need, or achievement, or purpose, or equality? Should a foundation focus on correcting for past harms, responding to current crises, or addressing future needs? Should a foundation be most concerned with just process or just outcomes?

If these questions pique your curiosity and make you want to learn more, this might be for you! We are looking for one or two artists/illustrators in British Columbia to help us give a visual form to some of the complex and abstract concepts of justice. You’re someone who is committed to advancing equity and justice and enjoys the challenge of translating complexity and nuance to visual mediums.

We are committed to building a team with a blend of lived experiences, from different class, cultural, and racial backgrounds and intersectional identities, reflective of the communities we seek to learn and work with, and fostering an environment where we can bring our whole selves to what we do, quirks, worldviews, passions, and all.


About the commissioned pieces

  • We are looking for one or two artists based in BC to create 6 to 10 pieces of commissioned original art each.
  • The pieces will be used as the featured image for the podcast episodes on the website and podcast platform (i.e. Spotify), as part of the board game – for example, as the main image in one set of cards – and in communication pieces such as blogs with reflections about those concepts, thumbnails, banners, and social media posts to promote the podcast and game.
  • We are open to any medium you want to propose! (i.e. pen and paper, photography, watercolour, etc.) Pieces will be created for a square ratio to be used as big as letter-size, mostly used digitally and possibly in printed materials for the board game.
  • All pieces will have creative commons license, where both the creators and ourselves can use the pieces with attribution and link to connect with the artist.

About you

  • You’re a creative translator — you can interpret a brief, take a complex idea or concept and represent it in a visual piece to make it more approachable, digestible, and memorable!
  • You’re open to growth and learning — you both seek out and offer feedback, appreciating that candid and proactive communication is important for our collective development.
  • You’re a curious soul — you are always seeking out new information and viewpoints, curious and open about perspectives that might be different from your own, and eager to interpret them visually.

Nuts and bolts

  • This is a freelance contract role.
  • We can offer a rate of $30 per hour or $210 per piece. We understand each artist has their own practice and preferred mode of compensating, so we can discuss what works best for you and negotiate.
  • Pieces will be needed between May-July with the first podcast piece by May 16. Your schedule will be flexible but we will have hard deadlines determined by the release of the podcast episodes.

How to apply

  1. Send us some examples of your work — whatever form it is in! If you have them, please include some pieces that might represent a concept or that came from a brief/commission. If you have a resume, great, include that too! If not, that’s okay: just reach out.
  2. We are prioritizing applicants from equity-denied communities and emerging artists, please situate yourself and your art practice as you see fit when reaching out to us.
  3. Send all of the above in one email to by April 30 at midnight.

When in doubt reach out! If you are passionate about the kind of work we are doing about justice but not sure if you are a good fit (because of the medium you use, level of experience, general doubts & fears, remuneration, timeframe, etc.) we are flexible and open to chat, so please reach out.

About us

On this project is a team of four designers, researchers, and community developers with a shared purpose: to turn our social safety nets into trampolines by listening and learning from people overlooked and marginalized. We include folks who identify as White, Jewish, Chinese, Latinx, able-bodied, female, middle-class, immigrants, and settlers. We are missing important perspectives on our team and are on an ongoing and lifelong journey to diversify our thought and action, by building relationships across difference.


Valentina Branada

Valentina is passionate about using design strategies for social advancement and …

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