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Offerings from our Summer of Taking Stock

Juicy Lessons from the Field

We’re itching to have some big conversations. We’ve got lessons to share; we know you do too. We’ve dubbed it the Summer of Taking Stock, and it’s an invitation. Join us.

Change is a long and winding road. We’re feeling Canada is at a crossroads. Yes, the federal government has just committed $750 million over 10 years to social innovation. No, not any innovation will get to breakthrough change. If there is one thing we keep re-learning it’s the difference between building capacity to innovate and creating the conditions to disrupt stagnant social outcomes. After five years in Canada, we’re distilling our top lessons learned.

We’re putting on a program of time-limited events to share how our hunches have played out, and re-imagine what next. Co-host or participate in an event, contribute your insights, and help us to revise our assumptions – and yours.

Get in touch with natalie@inwithforward.com to explore what an event could look like in your organization or context. Our goal is to use these events to write articles and create podcasts that hone in on the conditions for big change.

Juicy Lessons from the Field: Sharing lessons and intelligence from five years of social R&D in Canada

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A prospectus offering five learning opportunities during our Summer of Taking Stock.


dr. Sarah Schulman

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