A Quick Dive Summary

What’s work, for whom?

What is a good life, as defined by people living in DTES? How do work and money fit into their versions of the good life, or not?

This was the starting point of our Quick Dive with Embers Eastside Works. It came at an opportune time – Eastside Works recently opened its doors and is still shaping its services and interactions. So, we went existential, asking questions like:

> For whom does Eastside Works exist?
> Which needs can/ should Eastside Works address?
> How might Eastside Works meet needs?
> What’s the big idea of work? How might we redefine it?

Our goal? To open up fresh ways of leveraging Eastside Works & neighboring businesses as resources for moving towards what matters most to folks living on the DTES.

From two-weeks of ethnographic research, we wrote 20 stories, extracted 12 insights, identified 11 segments of people, and generated 40+ ideas to test the waters for further partnerships. Have a look at the summary in the document below.

IWF Eastside Works- Quick Dive Summary-web

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