2 -3 months

Kudoz Design fellowship: make it real!

Apply by April 26th!

Our experience platform Kudoz offers a Design Fellowship in Burnaby! Want to see what it’s like to use your design skills for social good? Gain real-life experience with service design? Join our our international, award-winning team to design and prototype new interactions, tools and practices. You’ll be part of an end-to-end design process in a social context!

About Kudoz

Kudoz is a social startup with a big mission: to open up the world of experience in the community to people with developmental disabilities. We’re a creative community of volunteers, designers, social scientists and non-profits who love learning by doing. You’re meeting us at in exciting moment: three years after we first started, we’re expanding from Vancouver to New Zealand! We’ve just launched our brand new booking platform, moved into our new studio space, and we won the Vancouver UX awards in December. You can check out some of our videos here.

We can offer you:

This position is not paid — you get way more than money. You will …

  • Learn about social design: walk away knowing what a Theory of Change is, and how to apply Behaviour Change frameworks into your design.
  • Practical experience: you’ll work alongside an international team of researchers and designers, and you’ll get to see all ins and outs of the work.
  • Get coaching: we’ll make sure that the activities you do are getting you closer to your personal learning goals, and we’ll coach you on it!
  • Recognition: whatever you design, you can feature it in your portfolio.
  • Recommendations: get a recommendation from our design director.
  • Access to our network: join our growing network that could lead to future work opportunities.
  • Tools: take away concrete tools to further your own design practice/

Behind the scenes


About your experience + skills:

  • You have formal training and some work experience in: graphic design, industrial design, service design, and/or interaction design.
  • You can show us either physical or digital touchpoints you’ve made.
  • You have a laptop and you know your way around Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
  • You like working with others, and are fearless about engaging with frontline staff and their service users.
  • You’re pragmatic: you’re able to make something in hours, not weeks.
  • You’re a strong communicator and team player, who can support wherever needed.
  • You’re curious, you like to try out, observe and learn.

What's it like to be a design fellow?

As a design fellow with a team of 5, you’re a part of almost everything that’s going on. You’ll get to design parts of Kudoz from the beginning till the end. You’ll be involved in writing design briefs, collaborate with our coaches and host curators to design and prototype new touchpoints — and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Along the way you’ll get to see what it’s like working in a start-up team with a social mission, how we organize ourselves, and how we make great things happen.

Want to hear what the experience has been like for our recent design fellows? Let us know and we’ll link you up with one.

Still interested?

Please drop us an email at, to apply for the role, or if you simply want to know more!

Applying? We want to see:

  • The period for which you’d be available;
  • What your learning goals would be (as well as what you’d like to see to know that you’ve reached them);
  • A portfolio or a few samples of your work that includes graphic design / branding
  • Why you’d like to do this role, and why now?

We’re really looking forward to hear from you!