Grounded Space Member Spotlight: Kinsight

Kinsight is an accredited not-for-profit, charitable organization that has been serving the communities of New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra, in British Columbia, Canada, since 1954.

It provides a range of services to support healthy development, inclusion and full participation of all people. Services range from those for infants to school age children and youth to adults and seniors.

Kinsight provides early intervention and family support services for children and youth who are at risk for or who experience a developmental delay or disability and leisure, volunteer, supported employment and housing supports for adults with developmental disabilities.

"We're founded by families who wanted something different for their sons and daughters"

“With Grounded Space, it’s like coming home… It’s an opportunity to feel that ongoing culture of experimentation. Making sure that not only are people given the permission to experiment, explore, question, they’re also given tools to do that. And that they understand that there’s support…”

The Embedded Researcher & Culture Curators Team

kinsight team3

Gareth and Krista play a role as the Culture Curators. That means they make space for continuous development within their organization, hold tensions, worries, and fears, and reset dynamics among the staff teams. When they’re not wearing the hat of Culture Curators, Gareth is the Director of Family & Children’s services, and Krista is the Shared Living Coordinator.

Ashlee, Angela, Julian, and Michelle are the Embedded Researchers, who go out to do grounded research, check assumptions, use ethnographic research tools to gather data, and listen to staff aspiration, hope, and fears. In their organization, they’re also the youth consultants, day program coordinator, and a connector in Building Caring Communities initiative.

Kinsight's journey in Grounded Space

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What's next?

The team is currently in the Deep Dive phase where they do a bottom-up research to find out where could be the starting points for change. After gathering enough data, they would go on a mission around pain points and opportunities identified, and develop and test their ideas for change.

Curious to learn more?

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