Kudoz is big winner at Vancouver User Experience (UX) Awards

Last night, experience platform Kudoz won the UX for Good award, as well as the overall Best UX award, recognizing joy, elegance, clarity, innovation and impact. Lisa Joy Trick (Kudoz CTO) and Janey Roh (head of culture) received the awards at the Awards Gala in front of over an audience of over 250 people at the Vancouver UX Awards.

Kudoz scored especially high on impact and innovation, and the jury said they were impressed with the intentionality of the end-to-end journey that users go through the platform. One judge mentioned there was a good debate about what’s ‘good’ UX design, and why Kudoz should win Best UX award.

The jury also recognised the unusual amount and depth of the user research that has gone into the development of Kudoz. Kudoz stood out from other finalists as the experience isn’t designed as a digital-only experience, but as an real world learning experience, supported digitally.

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This recognition comes at an important moment for the team. The work is far from ready, and one of the team’s challenges today is to blend the running of Kudoz with continued development to further improve the user experience, as well as the ‘behind the scenes’ operations.

We couldn’t agree more with keynote speaker Markus Grupp who said:


Haven’t heard of Kudoz before?

Kudoz is an experience platform that brings novelty into the everyday lives of adults with cognitive disabilities.

Volunteers share their know-how through our online catalogue. They host in-person experiences; anything from kick-boxing to quantum computing to song-recording. Adults with a cognitive disability use the Kudoz app to navigate experiences and break out of their everyday to connect, learn, and grow.

Kudoz is about gaining new skills, independence, confidence, and discovering new parts of yourself. It’s about leveraging strengths and a growing network all while shattering the stigma around disability. At its core, it’s about embodying a growth mindset — the idea that the mind can grow and stretch at any age no matter what ability!

Kudoz was originally developed by InWithForward, in partnership with Kinsight, Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion and PosAbilities.


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