An idea is a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

These are two kinds of ideas. Bold, daring, radical ones. And understated, incremental ones. Whereas radical ones are designed to shake-up existing systems by changing the underlying assumptions, incremental ones are meant to help the existing system perform better.

From our 10-week Burnaby Starter Project, we’ve got both kinds of ideas. Ideas that are about connecting people to the kinds of resources and relationships that expand their sense of self and future. So that people are less stigmatized, less likely to hit crisis points, less dependent on acute services. And most importantly, so that more people feel good, are able to use their capacities, and lead flourishing lives.

We use the word 'people' intentionally. Not clients, patients, refugees, seniors, youth with special needs, or people with a disability or mental illness. These are ideas which can cross multiple social service sectors. We want to demonstrate how to re-sort services and supports according to people’s underlying motivations, rather than their diagnoses or labels.

Download The Idea Press to read more about our 5 best ideas, and watch our 3 animated short films below. A huge shout out to team member Laura for sharing with us her delightful animation skills!

Idea #1: Curio

A platform delivering shared learning moments for two. For professionals, family members, kids, adults, and everyone in between.

CURIO (Me, Us, & Them - Burnaby Starter Project) from InWithForward on Vimeo.

Idea #2: Kudos

A badging system enabling young people and adults to widen & deepen their interests, build new networks, celebrate milestones, and craft bespoke roles.

KUDOS (Me, Us, & Them - Burnaby Starter Project) from InWithForward on Vimeo.

Idea #3: Coach in Your Corner

1:1 coaching to bust social and emotional barriers in real life situations.

Coach in Your Corner (Me, Us, & Them - Burnaby Starter Project) from InWithForward on Vimeo.

Idea #4: Nok Nok

A new role and introductions service in apartment complexes and high-rises. Connecting neighbours who share specific social interests and practical needs.

Idea #5: Critical Learning & I-Ethno

Small system tweaks & tools for reflection, rather than just reporting risks. To get the most from our social service providers.