How do you build capacity to make, test, and tweak new services and policies from the ground-up? Download Reflection Paper #1

There's not much empirical research on how to enable the social sector to innovate. And the practitioner literature is equally scant.

So Laura, Janey, and Sabrina put pen to paper (well, actually, fingers to their keyboards) and reflected on their transitions into and out of a fast-paced, interdisciplinary, and chaotic team. In April 2014, Laura, Janey and Sabrina bravely came on board as Apprentices to our Burnaby Starter Project. 10-weeks later, the Starter Project ended but the real work of embedding capacity had just begun. 

That's where our Kudoz Prototyping project starts. With the premise that we can't just make and test a new social service or neighborhood network.We have to make and test new human resourcing capacities and structures to work from the bottom-up.

Laura, Janey and Sabrina's honest reflections are helping us figure out how to do this. Have a read, and tell us what you think.