We're trying out our new learning model. Want to test and tweak it with us?

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Our new business model works like this: We self-finance ethnographic field work. Then, we write-up stories and create learning packages for organizations facing similar challenges in different contexts. Because we believe stories have real power in surfacing disconnects and ideas, and exposing staff to fresh ways of thinking and doing. We only share stories with people's permission.

Selling stories and learning packages also enables us to raise the funds to invest in another piece of ethnographic work. In a place, and with organizations, who otherwise would not be able to pay for such time-intensive work. By helping to finance the ethnographic work, we retain the independence to ask the tough questions and gain flexibility to bring on board new partners as unpredictable ideas emerge.

At the end of March, we spent 12 days in Toronto collecting stories of 16 people living with chronic alcohol and drug addictions, many of whom are homeless or precariously housed, and all of whom frequent the Meeting Place, a drop-in centre downtown. These stories raise big questions - such as, “Is too much belonging a barrier for change?” Questions that are relevant for organizations working with similar population groups, or for organizations trying to build a sense of community.

We can help turn these stories into professional development experiences for your staff. Or as fodder for program design, planning, and evaluation. Have a read of what we can offer. And get in touch if you're interested in exploring these offers more. We want to prototype what the story sets and learning packages look like!

Here's a learning experience we curated for service providers & community members in Toronto. Using the stories to guide conversation.