About Kudoz

We're a startup embedded within three of British Columbia’s bigger community living agencies. Sound like an oxymoron? That’s part of our novelty: being nimble within a context that is often known for being stable! Kudoz started with original, user-centered research. Our team moved into a social housing complex to capture the day-to-day realities of individuals with a cognitive disability. From that research came an insight: too few adults had a source of novelty & learning in their lives. From that insight came an idea: what if adults could choose from a catalogue of hundreds of learning experiences, all hosted by passionate locals? From that idea came a six-month prototype and proof of concept. Now, it’s time to spread the solution along with the values behind it all and welcome people with a kindred spirit to join our little team of interaction, graphic, and service designers; along with three community mobilizers; and a social scientist.

About the role

We are looking for not just one, but two new team members to join us as a Business Developer and Lead Reflector.

Be our Formidable Business Developer.

As the Business Developer, your role will be to develop and actually sell our business model; actualize strategic partnerships, and test the best vehicle for spread. You won’t be working things out just on paper - you’ll be responsible for making things happen in the real, messy, fun world. We do not want to operate like a traditional service, where 100% of our income comes from government contracts and grants. Instead, we want to diversify our revenue streams; find ways to streamline our model; and shape the governmental and philanthropic systems with which we interact. Oh, and we want to do all of this in a way that remains true to our roots: a solution that is co-designed by individuals and families and has learning, growth and development at its core. 

Be our Lead Reflector.

As the Lead Reflector, you'll help us to develop our methods for learning and reflecting. We’re challenging a dominant view that adults with an intellectual disability aren’t able to engage in intellectual activity, let alone reflective practice. We think it’s important to create environments that stimulate everyone’s minds – even where individuals can’t speak or have limited ways to express themselves. We’re looking for someone who shares our value set, and has some concrete experience & practical tools for sparking reflection amongst folks with a range of abilities. You’ll help us further develop our methods for reflection, connect to the wider community, and build out the Reflective Cafe model so it’s replicable – ala TedX style.

Sound intriguing? Keep reading at: kudoz.ca/hiring

P.S. The deadline to apply for these two positions have passed. But if you're super interested and think you would be a great candidate, please do drop us a message! We are looking forward to our first date!