From July to August, we worked alongside five teams of practitioners at four drop-in centres to try out fresh practice with street-involved youth and adults. Our goal was to build a culture and a set of habits around experimentation. How do you identify your assumptions, go out to talk to people, generate alternatives, and actually make new practices? Practices aren't as big as services or programs. They are the interactions we are each in control of - how we engage users, engage with colleagues, the spaces we use, the way we record information, etc. An interaction is made up of a role, prop, script, and setting.

Over six-weeks, we watched as practitioners' self-efficacy grew and they became more and more comfortable with giving new roles, props, scripts, and settings a go.

See what those new roles, props, scripts, and settings look like in our Rough Guide to Emerging Practice. And take a look at photos from our Walking Tour, where we took frontline workers, managers, and CEOs on a visit to each coaching site!

Convening outside St.Stephen's at 730am with frontline workers, mid-level managers, and CEOs!
Stacy pointing to a new tool to help guide his Harm Reduction Groups at St. Stephens
Daniela introducing folks to The Meeting Place, and to Lindiwe's new team care practices.
Peaking into Evangel Hall's new staff break room. Alyssa prototyped new break routines.
Walking to SKETCH to see their space, and their new reflection tool to guide user journeys.
Alyssa showing off her Experimentation Box with copies of all the prototyped tools