It's week 4 of the Me, Us, and Them Starter Project - and we've now had the opportunity to share dinner with 15 different individuals in the building, and hang out with 6 folks during the day in an unstructured way. This week we also started our systems shadowing, and writing-up ethnographies of managers and frontline staff. We've been trying to understand how formal services and informal systems (e.g family, neighborhoods) shape people's sense of self - and what that means for how we might reconfigure connections & supports so they help people to develop rather than stagnate. So many different themes and questions emerged it was hard to keep track. That's why we decided to build a Debriefing Wall for our Debriefing Team. Where they could help us literally draw out connections, and make meaning from what they were seeing. 

One brand new feature of our debriefing process? Including personal reflections from the team about how the work is re-shaping our own assumptions, beliefs, and identity. This week, we divided our team into 3 sub-teams, with a Journalism & Documentation sub-team responsible for capturing the thoughts inside our head. They used video, animation, and our actual scribbles & notes. Here's what it looked like.