Kudoz is a lifelong learning platform. We’ve got a big ambition: to grow people’s sense of self and future. We’re searching for a dynamic Learning Coach to motivate and inspire people’s development over time. Our focus is particularly on adults living with cognitive disabilities because we want to create way more opportunities for people like Fay and Greg to find and pursue what matters to them.

Learning Coaches start by getting to know people on their terms. They listen, observe, and play reflections back in such a way that enables individuals to gain clarity and initiate the changes they want to see in their own lives. Coaches hold the space for people to venture outside of their comfort zones, explore their values and strengths, and practice strategies to overcome anxieties and other roadblocks. Learning Coaches do all of this by drawing on a variety of frameworks, including positive psychology and self actualizing theory, plus their own warmth and intuition.  

As a Learning Coach, a typical day might include:

  • Meeting adults with developmental disabilities and their families to build warm relationships
  • Working on developing a coaching practice that builds motivation and helps create conditions for others to grow & change
  • Strategizing with adults with developmental disabilities and their families and colleagues on ways to address anxieties, fears, and barriers getting in the way of change, making plans and taking action
  • Offering and modeling enthralling & surprising learning experiences
  • Accessing different web platforms to document change; using data to focus your efforts; refining systems
  • Going to an event or planning outreach campaigns to share compelling stories and motivating adults, families, and community members to join the adult learning movement
  • Spending time with a creative team of people in an environment that is fast-paced, hard working, and constantly iterating

About you

You love to learn. You’re insatiably curious and are constantly seeking challenge and novelty in your own life. You are generous in sharing what you’re learning and experiencing with others.

You’re a people person. You have a knack for listening with warmth and without judgement. You make people feel at ease and open up.

You’re a motivator and change agent. You’re the person your friends and family turn to when they are stuck in a rut or looking for a change. You provide perspective and inspiration. You know how to help people come up with solutions to their own challenges and to build their problem-solving muscles.

You know something about learning and change processes. You might have experience with life or executive coaching, counselling, or reflective practice. You have frameworks or strategies for helping people through anxieties, fears, and other obstacles getting in the way of change.

You’re brave, bold, and outgoing. You’re an extrovert who is not afraid to cold call or door knock to make things happen. You are charming and disarming, and can motivate others to help with your cause. You know how to change your message and your story for the audience, and are perceptive of body language and tone.

You’re comfortable with technology, and de-mystifying it for others with less experience. You see technology as a dynamic and useful tool. You don’t get flustered when things don’t work, and instead, take it as a problem-solving challenge. While you might not be a tech master, you are the kind of person who can patiently help your grandma figure out Skype.

You’re a creative opportunist. You find and make connections wherever you go, and aren’t afraid to tap into your networks to make things happen.

You are motivated by great work and like to push the envelope. You’re not satisfied with ‘just getting the job done.’ For you, excellence really matters. You put your all into things, and really take pride in the things you do and make.

You’re a hard working initiative taker. You’re at a place in your life where you’re ready for a challenge, to roll up your sleeves, and help to shape, build and grow a movement around learning.

You are OK with emergence and change. You don’t need structure to do your work. You can provide structure for yourself. You like working in a fluid environment where things change quickly, and are energized by pretty constant change.

About Kudoz

Kudoz is a first-of-its kind social start-up, embedded within three large developmental disability service providers: Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, Simon Fraser Society for Community Living, and posAbilities in partnership with InWithForward, a social enterprise.  The four organizations have a shared vision of creating more opportunities for reciprocity and engagement for both people with a disability and community members; to enable people to live fuller lives and flourish.

Developed over a two-year period using design thinking, Kudoz enables adults with developmental disabilities, their families, and staff to experience the surprise, discomfort, and joy of learning. We host an online catalogue with 100+ in-person learning experiences, facilitated by community members with passions to share. We support adults to use the catalogue, and our App, to widen & deepen their interests; grow their social networks; develop soft & hard skills; and build their reflective muscles. We do all this because we believe that people with developmental disabilities should have lives filled with opportunities for growth.

The nuts and bolts:

This position with be hosted by posAbilities, a multi regional community living service provider in British Columbia. posAbilities assists persons with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful and healthy lives by partnering with the community to provide a comprehensive range of person-centred services for individuals and families.

This position is a full time term position with flexible hours until September 30, 2018 and offers a competitive salary (40-45K a year) plus and excellent benefits package