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ArticleCould you be our Studio Manager? Apply by May 8!

by Sarah, April 30, 2017

We're hiring someone to kick our small team into gear and get us organized! Do you enjoy setting-up structures and processes? Want to help a social start-up grow? Apply today! Read on

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  • jobs
  • studio

ArticleAre we doing enough?

by Sarah, March 19, 2017

Who are the 'losers' of innovation - social innovation included? And how do we really enable inclusive change? Read on

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  • homelessness
  • addiction
  • infrastructure

ArticleDesign Fellowship: Looking to use your design powers for social good?

by Jonas, February 20, 2017

InWithForward is offering 4 design fellowships in March 2017 to gain real life experience using design to address serious challenges like homelessness or barriers facing those with a disability. Read on

ArticleBe our Kudoz Learning Coach!

by Jonas, February 16, 2017

Learning Coaches start by getting to know people on their terms. They listen, observe, and play reflections back in such a way that enables individuals to gain clarity and initiate the changes they want to see in their own lives. Want to be one? Respond by Feb 28th! Read on

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ArticleExperimentation for all

by Sarah, February 13, 2017

Experimentation and innovation is on the national agenda. How might social sector organizations and government enable more than one-hit wonders? Read on

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  • capacity building
  • Research & Development

ArticleThe day after

by Sarah, November 10, 2016

Like so many others, we're struggling to make sense of a Trump presidency and the historical shift in direction. Sarah, our non-resident American, wonders whether we restock our empathy. Read on

ArticleWhere's the social in service design? Reflections from the global service design conference

by Sarah , November 7, 2016

Three days spent with 600+ service designers left us wondering: for all the 'human centeredness' rhetoric, where is the humanness? Is there space for social service design - or is the field converging into management consultancy? Read on

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  • morals
  • ethics
  • service design
  • social services

ArticleLooking for a sharp designer to rebrand Kudoz, a social start-up with a big mission

by Jonas , September 27, 2016

Kudoz is an adult learning platform designed with and for people with a cognitive disab… Read on

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  • designer
  • brand identity
  • accessibility
  • cross-channel

ArticleHow to get (closer) to systems change?

by Sarah, September 26, 2016

This past week we've compared notes with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. We're both revising our theories of how change happens. Read how IWF is moving away from program innovation to re-setting narratives. Read on

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  • theory of change
  • systems change
  • prototyping

ArticleDownload Rough Guide to Emerging Practices

by Sarah, September 18, 2016

Read our latest publication from our embedded change work in Toronto. See the results of six-weeks of coaching practitioners to apply an experimental approach to their own contexts. Read on

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  • street involved adults
  • homelessness
  • coaching
  • prototyping

Bits & Bobs Have a look inside

We are hiring an Apprentice Designer for ReMaking a Living in Peterborough, ON! Read more information here:

~ Muryani

Come check out 7 'live' demos for new services as part of the Fifth Space. July 14 from 3-5pm at Shadbolt Center for the Arts in Burnaby, British Columbia. 

~ Muryani

7 teams, 7 pivots. Check out the results from Fifth Space Demo Day - and see what it looks like to embed Social Research & Development capacity. 

~ Sarah

We're prototyping Kudoz, a platform connecting folks with cognitive disability to learning experiences. Check out our newly launched online catalogue:

~ Sarah

Notice any changes to the site? We're doing a summer refresh - because we've got new words to describe what we do! Check out Our approach page and tell us what you think. 

~ Sarah

Next week, we'll be testing our very first podcast with listeners! The episode is called Beneath The Surface and tells that tale of Janey doing her very first ethnography. Ever.

~ Jonas

On 9 July, Janey and Sabrina are sharing their Burnaby Project learnings with Community Living British Columbia's Fraser Region! 

~ Sarah

Last week, Margo Fryer joined our team as a mini-apprentice. This week, Stephen D'Souza will come spend the day. Both Margo and Stephen are on our Advisory Team. Welcome!

~ Sarah