Welcome =) We're Sarah, Jonas, Yani, Dan, Janey, Laura, Satsuko, Manuela, Charlotte, Lisa Joy, Andie, Maggie, and Daniela. Have a read of what we believe and who we are.

Our Manifesto

From safety nets to trampolines.

We want everyone to flourish. That means: using, enjoying, and developing our human capacities. Not just having a roof over our heads and food on the table. Our social welfare systems were set up to minimize bad stuff, not maximize good stuff.

Formal plus informal supports.

To flourish, each of us needs support. Networks of friends, neighbors, and families. Helpful professionals. Systems that enable, rather than get in the way.

From one solution to many interventions.

Deep change won't come from a single new program, service, or app. We think it comes from multiple interventions that activate natural networks, shape professional practices, and dismantle stuck systems.

Ends trump means.

We constantly ask: what’s a good outcome, for whom? We see good outcomes in better lives, not better institutions. It’s the difference between improving learning, and improving schools. Learning is the end point. Schools are merely one means.

From plans to prototypes.

Ideas are nice, but insufficient. We make early ideas real and then test, reject, and remake specific interactions to find out what works in messy, everyday contexts.


What works is what changes behaviors and improves lives. And not just for the top 1% or even the middle 50%. We’re about actively closing gaps and reducing inequalities.

Unusual suspects not just the usual stakeholders.

We always start with people. In homes and neighborhoods. With those who don’t normally engage. And with those doing surprisingly well. They’re the untapped resource.

A craft not a trend.

Our way of working is experience-led, not tool-led. We bring together different disciplines – from psychology, sociology, design, philosophy, politics, economics, history – to debate what makes people tick and what makes change stick.

No consultancy projects.

We initiate projects by bringing multiple partners – not clients – together. We don’t bill by the hour, or the day. Nor do we deliver recommendations for others to implement. We build local teams and seed longer-term movements, directing project monies to folks in the community rather than just to external experts.

Practice what we preach.

This is iteration #18.

Our Team

Sarah Schulman

Sarah is a Partner of InWithForward, and its Chief Social Scientist. As a sociologist, she likes to split her time between living rooms and state houses. She’s worked with governments in 6 countries to try and change how policy is made and evaluated. From 2010-2012, she co-ran InWithFor and worked with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation to launch 3 new social solutions, including the award-winning Family by Family. She’s got a Doctorate in Social Policy from Oxford University, and a Masters in Education from Stanford University. This is Sarah's fourth start-up org. Get in touch!

Jonas Piet

Jonas is a Partner of InWithForward, and its Chief Service Designer. He absolutely loves talking with people and making their ideas real (in fact, it's hard to peel him away from talking to strangers). He’s worked across the public, private, and social sectors. He’s designed services with homeless young people in the Netherlands; with socially isolated older people in London through the organization Participle; and with public sector agencies through the company Engine. He holds a Masters of Science in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. Get in touch!

Muryani Kasdani

Muryani is a Partner of InWithForward, and Lead Designer in Kudoz. She received her Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. She loves to use social psychology theories to design services that would work for people. This has brought her to work on projects like the Tinytask with DIOPD to design for happiness and well-being, and designing a novel mobility device in Gujarat, India. She enjoys doing ethnographic research, visualizing complex ideas, and creating good content to prompt meaningful conversations (like Invisibilia podcasts!) Get in touch!

Satsuko VanAntwerp

Satsuko serves as InWithForward's Senior Advisor, having spent two years as a Partner working between the Toronto and Vancouver projects injecting her business thinking and networking magic. Prior to joining IWF, she led the Lab Program at Social Innovation Generation (National), where she advised and worked alongside innovation units in government and non-profits across Canada. She's lived and worked in Japan, France, Denmark, India, and Turkey; has an MBA from Schulich School of Business; and is a forever student of the world. Get in touch!

Janey Roh

Janey is the Co-Lead and Culture Keeper of Kudoz. She was one of the original apprentices with the Burnaby Starter Project that led to Kudoz. Before Kudoz, Janey was a Team Manager at posAbilities, one of Vancouver's largest service providers of Residential and Community Living Services. There, she oversaw 7 residential and 1 day program and was in charge of hiring, training and supervising staff. Janey's got a background in sociology, education, and learning disabilities. She loves to pick-up new hobbies. Like horseback riding and drumming. Get in touch!

Lisa Joy Trick

Lisa Joy is the Co-Lead and Interaction Designer of Kudoz. She is seconded from Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion, where she's been leading digital projects and community development initiatives. She brings a design thinking lens to the human services sector. She's president of Incommon.tv, a storytelling web channel, and co-organizer of Vancouver ChangeCamp. She went to OCAD for design and UofW for a graduate diploma in Social Innovation and previously worked as an Art Director for a web design & branding studio. Get in touch!

Laura Cuthbert

Laura is an Experience Curator with Kudoz, and was part of the original team that developed the idea for Kudoz. She's got a background in just about everything - including Museum Studies, Linguistics, Improvisation, Peer Mediation, and Youth Leadership. She works as a Community Connector with Simon Fraser Society for Community Living. Laura also makes quirky youtube videos, draws, animates, and is in a band. Get in touch!

Andie Froese

Andie is an Experience Curator on Kudoz, and before that, held the title of "Little Bit of Everything Fellow" for Kudoz and Fifth Space. She is an intrepid adventurer who loves learning new things and gaining new skill sets. She has a broad range of experiences from working with first nations groups, international students at SFU, Veterinary care, music, baking and Pastry and even a bit of privateering! She has B.A. in Anthropology and spends the summer working as an archaeologist. Get in touch!

Charlotte Secheresse

Charlotte is a Designer on Kudoz. She trained in France as an industrial product designer, specializing in transcultural design. Charlotte’s interest in developing education solutions for nomadic children began while she was in India, where she lived for two years to design systems to tackle social challenges. Charlotte also spent a year traveling across the globe in a sail boat. Having a deep appreciation for difference, Charlotte loves entering new cultural frames and adapting services to local needs and preferences. Get in touch!

Daniela Kraemer

Daniela is the Lead Social Scientist on the Toronto In/Out Project. She is an anthropologist who loves nothing more than being immersed in different cultures and groups of people asking "why do you do this?" and "what does this mean?" She has asked these questions in South Africa, Germany, London UK, Canada and also in the South Pacific. She holds a PhD in social anthropology from the London School of Economics where she explored experiences of belonging and urban community development. She spent nearly two years doing research with a gang of marginalised urban young men in Vanuatu, South West Pacific. Get in touch!

Maggie Greyson

Maggie Greyson is a Designer on the Toronto In/Out Project. She traverses the fields of Futures, Communication, Interactive, Advertising and the Theatre in the expression of her diverse skills. Her work has been shown in the Gladstone's Come Up to my Room exhibit, and she's worked at the Globe Theatre and Shakespeare Festival in Stratford as an assistant theatre designer. She has worked in mobile, journalism, corporate communications, Interactive installation, architecture, television, social media, service design, applied arts and human centred design. Get in touch!

Dan Mohr

Dan translates InWithForward's work in Canada to an Australian context. He has a background in numbers and systems, set-up micro-enterprise networks in Africa, and drafted resolutions at the UN towards the Millennium Goals. He also worked in impact investment with UK social ventures. Dan's interest in on-the-ground research grew with every modeling assumption that missed the mark. In 2011-12 he developed new forms of carer support with Sarah @  The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. Now he really sees the potential of stories to move people and systems forward. Get in touch!

Rheanna Toy

Rheanna is one of InWithForward's trusted film-makers. She is a documentarian who splits her time between being behind a camera and inside an editing suite. Before committing to filmmaking full time, Rheanna worked with not-for-profits bringing her knowledge of dance and expression to youth. With a BFA in Film Production, Rheanna has experience in all aspects of filmmaking, from setting up lights to splicing bits of film.

Milena Droumeva

Milena is one of InWithForward’s Learning Advisors. She is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Simon Fraser University, and an experienced mixed-methods and qualitative researcher. Her work focuses on media and communication studies, sound studies, interaction design, education, and sensory ethnography. Milena holds a PhD in Mobile Technology, New Media and Education from Simon Fraser University.

Our History

We started InWithForward in October 2013 to test some new and informed hunches about how to prompt change for ourselves, with people on-the-ground, and inside of big systems.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve made products and services that have changed the behaviors of families, young people, older people, and folks with disabilities. Everything from affordable standing wheelchairs, to a telephone social networking platform between isolated older people, to a new developmental youth service, to a new form of carer support, to a face-to-face network of families helping families to thrive.

But we’ve never quite managed to shift systems: how money flows, procurement procedures, risk management policies, professional standards. All the stuff that tends to prevent bottom-up changes from sticking.

And sometimes in our impatience for change, we’ve pushed too hard, not invested enough in relationships or movement building, and not taken the time to practice what we preach.

We hope you’ll learn with us as we iterate and improve our practice.

Get in touch!

We're currently working in The Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. We'd love to hear from you - we're big fans of feedback and critique!  

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Biz Details

We're a registered business in both The Netherlands and Canada. Here are our official numbers and addresses.

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